Bellagio Pool: 21 Answers You Should Know

Vegas can become extremely hot in the summer, so it’s no wonder that many Las Vegas resorts have extensive swimming pool facilities.

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is no exception and is well known for having one of the most luxurious pools on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Bellagio resort has 5 Mediterranean-styled pools, all oozing luxurious style, and stunning poolside facilities for hotel guests to use.

How many pools does Bellagio have?

While the Bellagio pool areas are ‘free’ for hotel guests to use, there is a daily resort fee that goes towards maintaining the pool facilities and other hotel amenities.

Is Bellagio pool free for guests?

No, not just anyone can use the Bellagio pool. In order to use any of Bellagio’s pools, you must be a paying hotel guest at the Bellagio resort. This includes all of the five different pool areas, cabanas, and spa and jacuzzi areas.

Can anyone use the Bellagio Pool?

Similar to many of the pool areas found at resorts in Las Vegas, you’ll find that Bellagio pools are no more than 4-5 feet deep.

How deep is the Bellagio pool?

Can you smoke at the Bellagio pool?

Since the pool area is outdoors, guests are allowed to smoke anywhere within the designated pool area, with a few exceptions.

The Bellagio pools are indeed kid-friendly. Four of the five pools within the Bellagio pool area are for all guests to enjoy, including families and children (the fifth and only exception is the Cyprus Pool).

Is Bellagio pool kid friendly?

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