Bellagio Fountain Show Times & Song List (2023 Schedule)

The Bellagio Fountains is one of Las Vegas’s most famous landmarks. If you’re visiting Vegas, catching a fountain show set to iconic tunes is a must.

Not only is the water show spectacular, but it’s also one of the hallmarks of a trip to Vegas.

The Bellagio Fountain show times are every half-hour Monday – Friday from 3 PM to 8 PM and every fifteen minutes from 8 PM until midnight.

On weekends and holidays, the Bellagio Fountain shows run every half-hour beginning at noon and every fifteen minutes from 8 PM till midnight.

Arrive Early at The Bellagio Fountain For The Best View

It’s always recommended to arrive at the Bellagio Fountains at least 5-10 minutes before show time.

Every show is choreographed to the song it plays along with. Some songs are longer, and some songs are shorter.

How Long Are the Bellagio Fountain Shows

• All Night Long - 4:09

Bellagio Fountain Song List (and Show Length)

• All That Jazz - 4:34

• Ayeshe’s Dance - 4:20

• Bad Romance - 4:55

• Believe - 4:13

• Billy Jean - 4:54

• Butter & Dynamite - 3:31

• plus many more songs...

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