Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens (2023 Schedule)

The heart of the Mojave desert is an unlikely place to find a luxuriant oasis.

But like a mirage that dazzles in the searing desert heat, a small pocket of luscious landscaping entices visitors who can enjoy four seasons in all their glory.

A seasonal wonder full of trees, flowers, and animatronics that transform five times each year (once for each season plus a display for the Lunar New Year).

What is the Bellagio Conservatory?

It changes designs five times each year. The garden’s designs include displays for Lunar New Year, Spring, Summer, Harvest, and Holiday.

How Often Does Bellagio Conservatory change?

• Lunar New Year January 9 – March 4

Bellagio Gardens Schedule 2023

• Spring March 13 – May 20

• Summer May 28 – September 17

• Fall September 25 – November 11

• Holiday November 19 – January 6

While the Bellagio Gardens are generally open every day of the week, there are a few short periods when the conservatory is closed for renovation.

Bellagio Conservatory Dark Dates

The dark dates for 2023 are:

• January 2nd – January 8th  •March 5th – March 11th  •May 21th – May 27th •September 10th – September 16th  •November 12th – November 18th

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