Why Don’t Las Vegas Homes Have Basements?

Basements are underground structures made of concrete and built under a home, usually to strengthen the foundation.

Some people may be surprised to learn that basements aren’t as widespread in the western United States as they are on the east coast or up north.

I’ll dive into why basements “aren’t a thing” in Vegas. We’ll also take a closer look at the problems with underground construction in southern Nevada.

The constraints to building underground in Las Vegas usually boil down to money, weather, soil type, and tradition.

Why Don’t Most Homes in Las Vegas Have Basements?

Caliche is a type of sedimentary rock formed when calcium carbonate leaches up through the ground and binds the sand, clay, gravel, and rocks together, forming a cement-like barrier.

Caliche and Other Rocky Soils

Adding to the ground issues, Las Vegas has a problem with flash flooding between July and September. Vegas may be dry most of the year, but it sometimes has experiences severe thunderstorms that pose a significant threat.

Flooding in Las Vegas

Since the weather fluctuates so often in some areas, so does the ground, and that constant shifting would require a deeper footing.

Basements Aren’t Needed in Las Vegas for a Strong Foundation

Houses in Las Vegas don’t have cellars because they aren’t the norm. The ground and monsoon conditions of the city aside, the trend of building basements never took off in the West as it did in other areas of the United States.

Basements in Vegas are Not Popular

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