Bazaar Meat Las Vegas Dress Code: A Night of Luxury Dining

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Bazaar Meat is an upscale restaurant on the Strip known for its incredibly flavorful and inventive cuts of meat. It has many awards and is a place where a carnivore will be in heaven.

If Bazaar Meat by José Andrés is on your list of restaurants to try, then all you’ll need to do is dress the part to get in; so, what is the dress code at Bazaar Meat in Las Vegas?

What To Wear to Bazaar Meat Las Vegas

In these establishments, guests are expected to adhere to a certain level of refinement. Casual elegant is defined as a well-put-together ensemble similar to business casual.

-Dress pants -Black or blue suit -Button-up dress shirt -Tie or bow tie (optional) -Luxury watch -Cufflinks -Dress shoes

A Typical Look For Casual Elegant Attire For A Man Is: 

-Pencil skirt -Formal pants outfit -Dress (ideally black) -Dress pants -Blouse -Heels or Flats

Women Can Wear Some Of The Following To Bazaar Meat: 

-Swimwear -Flip flops -Ball caps -Athletic apparel -Yoga pants

What Not To Wear to Bazaar Meat (Avoid Casual Wear)

You can still enjoy a remarkable meal by placing an order and picking it up or having it delivered.

How To Avoid the Dress Code at Bazaar Meat (Takeout Service)

Photo by Subhash Roy

Make a Reservation This will ensure your table is ready when you arrive, and things go as planned with the occasion you’re celebrating.

What To Know Before Dining at Bazaar Meat 

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