Free Drinks in a Vegas Casino (How & What to Order)

The casinos in Las Vegas have a reputation for offering freebies or “comps” to certain visitors and hotel guests. One of the most prominent of these complimentary services is free drinks.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are free in Las Vegas casinos if you are actively gambling.

Playing a slot machine or table game will ensure you are approached by a server for a free drink. Note: Free drinks are only served by the roaming cocktail waitresses, never at the bar.

A cocktail waitress will come by and ask you if you’d like a drink. Boom! You just got your first free drink at a casino in Las Vegas.

Free Cocktails While Gambling (Casino Floor)

At least one casino (Westgate) uses a tracking system in the machines to monitor how much you’re gambling and decide if you’ve played enough to earn a comped or free drink.

Drink Monitoring Systems at Casinos

Sometimes, you don’t even have to be the one playing at the casino to get a complimentary drink. You can get a free drink just by being an enthusiastic cheerleader for your gambling companion.

How To Get Free Drinks in Sin City Casinos For Non-Gamblers

Cocktails, beer, spirits, and wine are all readily available. However, be forewarned when ordering wine and spirits that you’re not getting served from the top shelf.

What Kind of Complimentary Drinks Can You Get

It’s the medium-sized casinos with big (but not huge) gaming floors that you’re more likely to experience a regular flow of drinks.

Best Strip Casinos For Comped Drinks

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