7 Reasons Why Las Vegas Hotels Have Such High Occupancy Rates

Grand casinos, live music, and thrilling nightlife may just be the most anticipated aspects of Vegas, but the hotels are nothing short of stunning, to say the least.

I’ll elaborate more on why Las Vegas hotels have very high occupancy rates and share some of the most in-demand hotels in this story. So, keep reading!

Vegas welcomed 32.23 million visitors in 2021. Prior to 2019, over 35 million people visited the city annually on average, peaking at 42.94 million in 2019.

High Las Vegas Tourism Rate

Las Vegas casinos are some of the best in the world, so wagering in them is one of the primary reasons people visit the city.

Las Vegas Hotel Rooms With Close Proximity to Casinos

Another reason for Las Vegas' consistently high hotel occupancy is the continuous flow of festivals and concerts in Sin City.

Las Vegas Festivals and Concerts

Holidays are another big draw in Las Vegas. It almost doesn’t even matter which one.

Las Vegas During Holidays

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