7 Best Comedy Clubs in Las Vegas (Laugh Your Head Off!)

How will you decide which club is the best fit for you? I’ve compiled a quick look at seven of the top comedy clubs in the city.

These are the top stand-up comedy clubs in Vegas.

Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club is located inside the basement of the MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Strip.

Brad Garret’s Comedy Club

The LA Comedy Club is located inside the world-famous Stratosphere. One of the most recognizable structures in Vegas, the “Strat” is a must-see.

The LA Comedy Club

The venue serves a full menu of casual food and the club boasts a full bar. There are no drink minimums. You must be 18 or older to enter.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club

The Laugh Factory has a varied lineup. It boasts famous comedians as seen on TV, as well as Vegas Favorites.

Laugh Factory

The Comedy Cellar in Las Vegas has a great lineup of names you know and love, along with some new names you may learn to love.

The Comedy Cellar

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