6 Things You Need Cash for in Las Vegas (Explained)

In Las Vegas, cash is required for customary tips, covering room service, tour guides, restroom attendants, casino dealers, and cocktail servers.

This story will explore the six things you’ll need cash for in Las Vegas and why money is your best or only option for these must-do activities.

You will need cash for tipping, so we recommend always having some money on you wherever you go in Las Vegas.

Cash for Tipping Las Vegas Service Personnel 

You want to experience the nightlife and eat at the most popular spots, and there is no way you will be able to walk to every exciting destination.

Pay Las Vegas Taxi Services With Cash

While running around, trying to see everything Las Vegas has to offer, you will get hungry.

Cash for Snacks and Quick Bites in Las Vegas

To stay within budget and avoid running out of vacation funds, it's a great idea to use cash for gambling.

Stick to a Cash Budget When Gambling in Vegas

These majestic fountains reach 460 feet high and are enhanced with light and music to create a spectacular water show.

Making a Wish at the Bellagio Fountain

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