35+ Super Fun Things to Do In Las Vegas For A Weekend


You know that there’s so much to do and see that you can’t possibly experience everything with the time you have available and you want to know about the absolute best things to do in Las Vegas for a weekend so you don’t waste a single precious moment of your Vegas vacation.

Visit the Neon Boneyard

The Neon Museum boneyard is 2.6 acres of historic signs from old Las Vegas casinos and businesses. These are the signs you think of when you picture classic Las Vegas from the old days. Some of the signs have been refurbished and light up, while others are in a state of current disrepair.

You are sure to find magic in the iconic Bellagio Fountain shows. It’s the most magical water, music, and light show in Las Vegas (some might even say in the world). Every 30 minutes, you can see a unique, perfectly choreographed fountain show right in the middle of the Strip. This is a must-do Las Vegas weekend item and guess what? It’s FREE!

Yes, there are still a few casinos in Las Vegas where you can play coin-operated slot machines! While almost all of the slot machines in the city use ticket systems now instead of coins, you can still find a few casinos in downtown Las Vegas (on or around Fremont Street) where you can play the classic one-armed bandits using coins.

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