3 Reasons Why Las Vegas Has So Many Casinos (Explained)

Las Vegas has so many casinos because Nevada legalized gambling statewide, and it did so early. It was also the birthplace of hotel-casinos, which made gambling vacations popular and easy.

This story delves into the history of Las Vegas, from its beginnings and the rise of hotel-casinos on the famous Strip, to the strong demand for casinos due to high tourism.

Today, Nevada is one of only two states that have legalized gambling statewide, the other being Louisiana.

Nevada Legalized Gambling Early On

Ten years after gambling was made legal in Las Vegas, the first-ever hotel-casino opened in 1941.

Hotel-Casinos First Started in Vegas

Since casinos are a huge draw in Las Vegas, people come there specifically to gamble and enjoy the convenience of a casino and hotel in one.

The Demand for Las Vegas Casinos Is High

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