21 Reasons Why Las Vegas is Soooooo Worth Visiting!

Las Vegas is one of America’s most popular tourist destinations, for good reason. There are so many things to see and do here that you cannot possibly cram them all into one trip.

This story covers twenty-one reasons why Las Vegas is worth visiting.

Have you ever wanted to go surfing in the middle of the desert? Believe it or not, Las Vegas has lots of opportunities to participate in water sports.

Surfing in the Desert

The Bellagio is one of Las Vegas’s most famous hotels, and it is famous partially for the gorgeous fountain display in front of the hotel.

Bellagio Hotel Fountains

Las Vegas is almost as famous for its wedding chapels as it is for its nightlife and gambling.

Wedding Chapels

If you are exhausted from a night of partying on the Las Vegas Strip, you should head over to the Spa at the Linq.

You Can Enjoy a Therapeutic Spa

It’s an adult-sized playground where you get to operate these powerful machines on a replicated construction site. Fun for the whole family!

You Can Operate Heavy Machinery

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