14 Las Vegas Replicas! World Landmarks in Vegas

For anyone who has visited Las Vegas, one of the most surprising aspects of the trip is often the number of world-famous replicas found in the city.

In this story, we will look at 14 of these fascinating look-alikes so you’ll know what to watch for the next time you head to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a world-renowned city known for its entertainment, parties, and gambling.

Eiffel Tower (Paris Las Vegas)

The Arc De Triomphe is a replica of the famous landmark in Paris, France, and is located near the entrance to the Paris Las Vegas hotel-casino.

Arc De Triomphe (Paris Las Vegas)

A modern copy of the Pyramid of Giza is one of the most instantly recognizable world landmarks you’ll see in Las Vegas.

An Egyptian Pyramid (Luxor Las Vegas)

The Venetian hotel is home to one of the most authentic landmark replicas in Las Vegas, the San Marco Campanile.

San Marco Campanile (The Venetian and The Palazzo)

The Venetian’s Grand Canal is a 6-acre replica of the canals in Venice, Italy, complete with gondolas and Italian restaurants.

The Grand Canal (The Venetian and The Palazzo)

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