14 Las Vegas Hotels with Balconies

Balconies and terraces allow you to watch the best things happening in Las Vegas without leaving your hotel. Las Vegas is nothing, after all, if not a feast for the eyes.

Here are the best Las Vegas hotels with balconies.

This is the only hotel on the strip that has a multitude of rooms with balconies.

Balconies at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

It’s one of the most iconic hotels in Vegas, and if you want a private terrace and have the money to spend, you can rent one of the villas.

Terraces at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

The MGM Grand Hotel is just that, grand. It’s the largest hotel in the United States, with nearly 7,000 rooms.

MGM Grand Skyline Terrace Suites

The hotel’s balcony also offers a great view down on the strip, but you have to snag that Carlyle Penthouse.

New York-New York Las Vegas

You can have a great view of the lake and fountains from your balcony in one of the Lakeview suites.

Bellagio Las Vegas

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